Thomas Hazeldine

Tom is a very friendly and approachably editor to work with, i gave him instructions and he followed them to a T with in a short time i had the product i wanted ready to go.

— Jess (Poiya.png)

Tom goes above and beyond with his editing. He's fast and efficient, but most of all thorough. Tom has been working with me for well over a year and he's greatly improved my channel's output.

— Mark (MarkAfterDark)

"I was having a lot of issues with my audio (sounded muffled, and then way too sharp at times) and he was able to fix all of my audio in only an hour or so (audio was about 5 minutes long) Very fast and quality editor. Easy to work with

— CocoBean

Tom is a reliable, diligent and hardworking editor. He adapts to a new project’s needs very efficiently and can solve most post production issues. I have worked with him on a range of projects and I recommend him for any fiction, documentary, and commercial editing work.

— Etienne

Having someone who was able to work on my audio as quick and as well as Tom really made a difference. Weeks of work for me was done in a few days and I could get started animating way sooner, which I love. Tom also responded really quickly whenever I needed little adjustments done as well! He does a nice job and is super on top of his work.

— Jack (Jacadamia)